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Lighting, Heating and Air Conditioning account for up to 70% of energy usage in most commercial buildings.

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With our extensive expertise and understanding of the deregulated energy industry, Optimal Energy Management, Corp.  will provide a customized energy management analysis for your business. We know who the reliable and most cost-aggressive suppliers are in the each market at any given time and we leverage longstanding relationships to obtain the optimal energy procurement plan for our clients.



Optimal Energy Management, Corp. Is a profession energy management services and brokering company. With the highest degree of professionalism we provide electricity and natural gas procurement services to commercial and industrial customers in de-regulated energy markets throughout the United States.  In one deregulated state alone there are 99 electricity suppliers and 84 natural gas suppliers listed by the Board of Public Utilities.  The Optimal Energy Management team can help navigate the complexities of the energy market on your behalf saving you time and money with your energy procurement.