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About Us

Optimal Energy Management, Corp is a professional energy brokering company that services the US.  The Department of Energy instituted deregulation of utilities in 1998 to the transform the monopolistic environment of the power utilities to one of open competition. In many states, although the utility will continue to deliver energy, customers can shop for the best price for their energy supply. This has created an opportunity to reduce energy costs and reap significant savings. Although cost savings is not the only reason for utilizing 3rd party energy supplier, many businesses can save significantly on electric and natural gas supply generally. 

Optimal Energy Management, Corp can provide you with the proper guidance to manage your energy needs and help you identify the energy procurement options that best suit your company’s objectives.

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Core tenets that underscore our energy management services:

Integrity: Businesses want a partner they can trust – we understand that and we do only what is in our customer’s best interest.  Deregulated energy offers a great opportunity for savings, but it can be challenging.   We explore all options available, and present apples-to-apples comparisons with complete transparency. Honesty is the principle at the core of our business behavior. 

Bring Value:  Saving customers time and money is the key value proposition. Energy procurement is complex and time consuming. We provide services for you so you can focus on running your enterprise. Our goal is to minimize our customer’s investment of time while providing optimal energy savings options to support an optimal procurement decision. When your company moves forward on a decision, Optimal Energy Management, Corp handles the transaction and completes all relevant documentation on your behalf.

Keep it simple: Clarity! Our energy consulting experts analyze all supplier bid data and recommend the best option for you based on key factors like pricing, contract terms, risk, and short/long term market conditions.     You receive clear analysis, clear options, clear advice and clear guidance.  

Client Advocacy: We understand the rules, regulations and energy pricing strategies. Our team possesses the expertise required to serve as your energy advocate: technical know-how, business smarts and we leverage our longstanding relationships with suppliers to negotiate the optimal deal on your behalf.  We consider ourselves an extended member of your company’s team.