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Lighting, Heating and Air Conditioning account for up to 70% of energy usage in most commercial buildings.
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Q: What does Energy Deregulation mean to me?

A: You have the power of choice.   The supply portion of your electric or natural gas bill is separate from the delivery portion.  With the supply portion open to competition, customers can shop around for the best price on their energy supplies.   This can be one of the fastest, safest ways to reduce operating expense for any company.

Q: What service does Optimal Energy Management Corp offer?   What does it cost for your energy services? 

A: Energy procurement services for electricity and natural gas.

At no cost or obligation, Optimal Energy Management, Corp. will:

  • Analyze your bills and energy consumption
  • Obtain competitive and aggressive bids from multiple reliable suppliers.
  • Provide an apples-to-apples cost savings analysis vs. utility
  • Advise on terms and conditions in the supplier agreement
  • Advise on length of term that is right for your company
  • You decide what action, if any, is right for your company
  • We can also offer assistance with high efficiency/LED lighting which can significantly reduce energy consumption.   Let us know if you have a lighting project in mind.

Q: What are the advantages of working with Optimal Energy Management Corp?  

A:  We understand the rules, regulations and energy pricing strategies. Our team possesses the expertise required to serve as your energy advocate: technical know-how, business smarts and we leverage our longstanding relationships with all the suppliers to negotiate the optimal deal on your behalf.  We know who the aggressive suppliers are in your market at any given time.   But in addition, we operate with integrity, we underscore clarity, and our core objective is to save you time and money.

Q. Can Optimal Energy Management, Corp help me explore energy supply from renewable energy?

A:  Yes. We can provide you with supplier quotes for energy generated from renewable sources.

Q:   Will I save more money going direct to a supplier vs working through Optimal Energy Management, Corp?

A:  No.   Suppliers we work with understand that they are bidding for your business via a competitive process.  They know they will need to quote the lowest price in order to win your business.  Also, when suppliers work through Optimal Energy Management, Corp they save the cost of having their own sales resources involved.   This cost saving is reflected in the pricing to the customer.  This creates a win-win for all parties.  

Q:  Is there risk of service downtime if I purchase from supplier vs my utility company?

A:  Prior to energy deregulation many important issues needed to be accounted for and this is one very important point.  Purchasing your energy supplies from a company other than your electric or gas utility is purely an economic decision; it has no impact on the reliability or safety of your service.  Even if the third party suppliers fail to deliver its supply, the local utility will ensure that your service goes uninterrupted.

Q:After switching to an alternate supplier who do I call in case of emergency?

A:  In case of an emergency, you will still call your local utility also known as the distribution company.  This

Q: Is there a cost associated with switching my energy supply service away from the utility company?

A:  There is no cost to switch and no cost to switch back to the utility in the future. 

Q: Does your supplier price include state sales tax?

A:  This is an important question as it can be point of great confusion, and skew the savings analysis, so be careful!!  Optimal Energy Management Corp will ensure you understand your quote at an apples-to-apples level – meaning you can align the quote to the utility “price to compare”.      

Q: What billing options are available?  Can I pay one consolidated bill for both my energy supplies and the delivery service, or must I pay separate bills to my energy supplier and my distribution utility?

A: Many 3rd party supplier billing can be consolidated on the utility bill you receive covering energy distribution, however, you can still choose to have separate billing.   Some suppliers may not yet be established with the local utility to offer consolidated billing so in those cases billing will be separate.  Under either scenario, billing questions on the supply portion of the bill should be directed to the contracted supplier.

Q. How long is your price offer valid?

A. Supplier pricing is affected by many factors such as significant weather events, natural disasters, available energy supply, energy demand, the stock market, etc. and therefore market prices can change dynamically through the course of a day.  All price quotes need to be refreshed the day the supplier agreement is executed.  Consider acting quickly on favorable pricing as that advantage can be lost if there is even a slight market downturn.   

Q.  When is a good time to explore my energy procurement options?

A:  There is no time like the present!  Even if your schedule is busy we will make it easy for you.

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